The minor in Creative Technology and Design provides a broad multidisciplinary perspective that integrates technological skills with a critical, theoretical and historical understanding of technology, media and design.


  • prepare the next generation of artists, designers and media producers for the future
  • give students the necessary technical, theoretical and historical backgrounds so they can contribute to the development of new functionalities and aesthetics for computer media
  • facilitate the exploration of the intersection of technology and other fields and disciplines
  • produce active and critically aware producers of creative technology
  • enable students to think critically and conceptually about creative technology

Required Courses

  • A minimum of 22 credit hours including the following courses:
    • ATLS 1100, Design Foundations
    • ATLS 1300, Computation Foundations (CSCI 1200, CSCI 1300 & INFO 1701 also accepted)
    • ATLS 2000, The Meaning of Information Technology
    • ATLS 2100, Image
    • ATLS 2200, Web
    • ATLS 2300, Text
    • a 3-credit (or more) 3000 level or higher Focus Elective or Critical Perspectives in Technology Elective 


Diagram of listed minor clases


Additional Course Details:


  • ATLS 1100 and 1300 are prerequisites for ATLS 2100, 2200, 2300
  • ATLS 2000 is a pre/co-requisite for ATLS 2100, 2200, 2300

Coursework used to satisfy the minor requirements must be taken for a grade and cannot be taken Pass/Fail. A minimum of 15 credit hours must be taken on the Boulder campus.

Students must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA or they will be administratively dropped from the program. Students must earn a minimum grade of C in all courses counted for the Minor. Failing to meet the minimum grade for any individual ATLS core course twice will result in automatic removal from the CTD program.

*Students can petition to have courses accepted as a Critical Perspectives in Technology Elective or a Focus Elective. See CTD Advisor for Course Substitution Request form.

Apply to the CTD Minor



Course Substitutions

Coursework not on the approved elective list (including coursework from another University of Colorado campus, another institution, Study Abroad, or Semester at Sea) must be approved by the ATLAS Curriculum Committee. Students must complete a Course Substitution Petition Request Form and attach supporting documentation (syllabus). Substitution requests will not be considered if the student has already satisfied the requirement with an approved elective course.

See the CTD Advisor for more information

Minor Honors

Students who earn a cumulative GPA in minor courses (the 21 hours used toward fulfilling the Minor requirements) of at least 3.5 will graduate with CTD minor Honors.

CTD Certificate

ATLAS is no longer admitting students to the certificate program. Those who were previously interested in earning a certificate are encouraged to consider taking the minor.