Published: June 17, 2019

Mikhaila Friske and Shanel Wu, PhD students and researchers in the Unstable Design Lab, along with Nathalia Capreuguer França, a visiting research student from Università di Trento, organized Antiuniversity Now: (re)claimed workshop series at the Boulder Public Library, June 21-22. The event included four workshops: Unfabricate: Reclaiming Textile Waste; Affordable Weaving: Spinning Your Own Paper Yarn; Disrupting Data: Collecting and Personalizing Biosignals; and Affordable Weaving: The Basics. 

(re)claimed is a collective that questions economic, political, and social structures by reclaiming materials, tools and data. The affordable weaving workshops are part of a research study investigating the potential of using textile design and textile fabrication for engaging people in collaborative work and discussion.

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