"I wouldn't say that we'll ever truly reach the destination because you know we always want to keep pushing and keep striving to make this student learning experience better. There can be more involvement in their empowerment and creation of the work they do" -Caroline Sinkinson

Brief Description:

Fireside Stories is a documentation of the work which members of the Collective to Advance Multimodal Participatory Publishing (CAMPP) produced at the end of a three year cycle in the ASSETT Innovation Incubator at the University of Colorado, Boulder. CAMPP’s mission promoted faculty and student curation, cultivation, co-creation, and publication of knowledge. Under this umbrella, members developed and published various projects that meet academic standards and are open and accessible to the community at large. These audio recordings contain first hand accounts from CAMPP and its project partners about their experiences throughout this period of development.

In this episode we hear from Amanda McAndrew and Caroline Sinkinson on Projects on open educational resources about Authentic and Alternative assessments, with emphasis on the concept of open pedagogy. Amanda McAndrew is the faculty services portfolio manager for ASSETT, Arts and Sciences Support of Education through Technology. Her approach to teaching and learning is firmly grounded in critical digital pedagogy, open education, and learner-centered theories and practices. She considers herself a teacher first and then a technologist. As an instructional designer and technologist at a large university, she has learned the importance of developing interdisciplinary faculty learning communities. Providing the right tools and building comfortable environments, both face-to-face and online, creates strong social learning opportunities and connections that allow true innovative thinking to happen. Associate Professor Caroline Sinkinson is the head of the Learning & Engagement Team at the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries. She is responsible for leading the Learning & Engagement Team in the design and implementation of opportunities that invite student learning, literacies, and engagement. In collaboration with fellow teaching librarians and campus partners, the Learning & Engagement Team sparks exploration of pedagogy, information literacy, and learner agency to build a participatory and holistic community of learning.