"So we decided to create a journal and we did it. We were like pirates. We were unaligned and unapproved. You know, we just did it." - Jay Ellis

Brief Description:

Fireside Stories is a documentation of the work which members of the Collective to Advance Multimodal Participatory Publishing (CAMPP) produced at the end of a three year cycle in the ASSETT Innovation Incubator at the University of Colorado, Boulder. CAMPP’s mission promoted faculty and student curation, cultivation, co-creation, and publication of knowledge. Under this umbrella, members developed and published various projects that meet academic standards and are open and accessible to the community at large. These audio recordings contain first hand accounts from CAMPP and its project partners about their experiences throughout this period of development.

In this episode, we hear from Jay Ellis and Charlotte Whitney on Their work on student-run creative nonfiction literary journal, Hindsight. Jay Ellis is the Program for Writing and Rhetoric’s Faculty Advisor for Hindsight Creative Nonfiction, and the forthcoming new title from the Journal staff, Changing Skies: Writing on the Climate Crisis. Charlotte Whitney is a sophomore studying English Literature with minors in Political Science and German. She’s been on the staff of Hindsight since Spring of 2021 and is this semester’s Editor in Chief.