"I think being in this position as a student really makes you realize that you still have things to contribute even though you're placed in that student role. It was really cool to demystify what being a faculty member is like and getting to be placed on a level playing field with the rest of the faculty." -Alexis Harris

Brief Description:

Fireside Stories is a documentation of the work which members of the Collective to Advance Multimodal Participatory Publishing (CAMPP) produced at the end of a three year cycle in the ASSETT Innovation Incubator at the University of Colorado, Boulder. CAMPP’s mission promoted faculty and student curation, cultivation, co-creation, and publication of knowledge. Under this umbrella, members developed and published various projects that meet academic standards and are open and accessible to the community at large. These audio recordings contain first hand accounts from CAMPP and its project partners about their experiences throughout this period of development.

In this episode, we will hear from Blair Young and Alexis Harris on their work throughout CAMPP, Collective to Advance Multimodal Participatory Publishing. Blair Young is ASSETT’s Innovation Catalyst. As the Catalyst, Blair guides the development of our emergent Innovation Incubator — a safe, resourced space where the College of Arts & Sciences community can grow their active learning ideas. Alexis Harris is currently a senior at CU Boulder. She is majoring in English Literature, while also getting a Secondary Education Licensure and a Minor in Creative Technology and Design. Alexis has been an intern with CAMPP since its inception.