Blair Young Headshot
Innovation Catalyst

As ASSETT’s Innovation Catalyst, Blair Young stewards our Innovation Incubator — a safe, resourced space where the College of Arts & Sciences community can grow their active teaching and learning ideas. With an emphasis on change facilitation and innovation advocacy, Blair partners with students, faculty, and staff as they traverse the often unpredictable turns of fostering an emergent project. Blair has a passion for enabling a sense of ownership — of learning, programs, projects, and more — in the people with whom she works. For CU Boulder students, in particular, she hopes that this will open a pathway to success, well-being, and access to the resources they need to live a fulfilling life on their own terms.

Blair is a volunteer member of the Board of Directors of the nonprofit Boulder Food Rescue. She loves the outdoors and spends her free time transforming her suburban backyard into a "farmette" while cultivating her vegetable garden and tending to her chickens and bees. A mountain-dweller at heart, Blair heads outdoors to camp and recreate with her family as often as possible.

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