Published: Nov. 17, 2020

New Lunch with Limerick discussion to examine what it means to maintain unity while confronting divided opinions

What does it mean to disagree?

Jennifer Ho

Jennifer Ho

That is the central question of an upcoming Lunch with Limerick discussion event, to be held at noon on Nov. 20, featuring Jennifer Ho, the director of the Center for Humanities & the Arts and a professor of ethnic studies.

Lunch with Limerick is a virtual interview series held over Zoom that is hosted by the Center of the American West and moderated by Patty Limerick, the center’s director, that delves into current issues and a variety of topics relevant to the West and beyond.

Ho and Limerick will discuss questions such as: How do we maintain unity when we confront divided opinions? How can we respect one another while vehemently debating topics we feel passionate about? Is it possible to separate the person from the provocation?

Patty Limerick

Patty Limerick

"I have always felt fortunate to have Jennifer Ho as my colleague at CU, and there is no one whose company I would prefer over hers, when it comes to an energetic exploration of some of the most important issues confronting higher education today. Anyone who has been alarmed by reports and rumors that the expression of belief, principle and opinion has become constrained in universities today will have, with this program, a chance to see that academic discussion remains invigorating, robust, good-natured and, often enough, pretty darned funny!" said Limerick, who is also a professor of history at CU Boulder.

And Ho agrees:

“I can’t imagine that I’m going to be disagreeing too much with Patty, but I am confident that if I find myself disagreeing with her (or she me) that our mutual respect for one another as people but also as intellectuals will allow us to disagree robustly because our admiration for one another as great minds and debaters allow us to take on one another seriously. I hope others will see how disagreement can be a sign of respect.”

Event Details:

What It Means to Disagree, Admit a Degree of Uncertainty, and Maintain a Robust Friendship: A Dialogue

Event Date: Nov 20, 2020
Event Time: 12:00 PM

This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Humanities & the Arts.