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Looking for a Service Level Agreement (SLA) form? The hyperlinked departments below have SLA attachments, click the link to view.

Department Name FSC Technician
Academic Advising (AAC) Jon Studtmann Email 303-735-3043
Anderson Language Technology Center (ALTEC) Jon Studtmann Email 303-735-3043
Anthropology (ANTH) Hannah Flatten Email 303-492-7442
Art and Art History (AAH) Tracey Seward Email 303-735-2931
Arts & Sciences Admin & Dean's Office Amanda Lacey Email 303-735-3042
Asian Languages & Civilizations (ALC) Robin Bowersock Email 303-492-1163
Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences (APS) Lena Cinnamon Email 303-492-2350
Baker RAP (RAPB) Niculina Craciun Email 303-735-1643
Benson Ctr for Western Civilization (CWCV) Hannah Flatten Email 303-492-7442
BioChem (CHEMBIO) Scott Senger Email 303-735-4215
Brakhage Center (BKHC) Scott Senger Email 303-735-4215
CARTSS Amanda Lacey Email 303-735-3042
Center for British & Irish Studies (CBIS) Tracey Seward Email 303-735-2931
Center for Latin American Studies (LASC) Amanda Lacey Email 303-735-3042
Center of the American West (COAW) Robin Bowersock Email 303-492-1163
Chemistry (CHEM) Scott Senger Email 303-735-4215
Cinema Studies/Moving Image Arts (CINE) Scott Senger Email 303-735-4215
Classics (CLAS) Scott Senger Email 303-735-4215
Colorado Shakespere Festival (CSF) Kelly Donohue Email 303-492-1664
Creative Writing -- ENGL (CWRT) Niculina Craciun Email 303-735-1643
CU Art Museum (CUAM) Chuck Moseley Email 303-735-6419
Ecology/Evolutionary Biology (EBIO) Scott Senger Email 303-735-4215
Economics (ECON) Jon Studtmann Email 303-735-3043
English (ENGL) Niculina Craciun Email 303-735-1643
Environmental Studies (ENVS) Lena Cinnamon Email 303-492-2350
Ethnic Studies (ETHN) Robin Bowersock Email 303-492-1163
Farrand RAP (RAPF) Robin Bowersock Email 303-492-1163
Fiske Planetarium (FISKE) Lena Cinnamon Email 303-492-2350
French & Italian (FRIT) Robin Bowersock Email 303-492-1163
Gay & Lesbian Studies (GLBT) Tracey Seward Email 303-735-2931
Geography (GEOG) Chuck Moseley Email 303-735-6419
Germanic & Slavic Languages & Literature (GSLL) Niculina Craciun Email 303-735-1643
Global RAP (RAPG) Tracey Seward Email 303-735-2931
Health Professional RAP (RAPHP) Niculina Craciun Email 303-735-1643
History (HIST) Hannah Flatten Email 303-492-7442
Honors Program (HNRS) Amanda Lacey Email 303-735-3042
Honors RAP (HRAP) Chuck Moseley Email 303-735-6419
Humanities (HUMN) Jon Studtmann Email 303-735-3043
Integrative Physiology (IPHY) Ashley Mastellone Email
International Affairs (IAFS) Niculina Craciun Email 303-735-1643
Libby RAP (RAPL) Robin Bowersock Email 303-492-1163
Linguistics (LING) Kelly Donohue Email 303-492-1664
Mathematics (MATH) Tracey Seward Email 303-735-2931
Medieval Studies (CMEMS) Tracey Seward Email 303-735-2931

Miramontes Arts and Sciences Program (MASP)

Chuck Moseley Email 303-735-6419

Peace & Conflict, and Security Program (PACS)

Amanda Lacey Email 303-735-3042
Philosophy (PHIL) Hannah Flatten Email 303-492-7442
Political Science (PSCI) Lena Cinnamon Email 303-492-2350
Program in Jewish Studies (PJS) Jon Studtmann Email 303-735-3043
Program for Writing & Rhetoric (PWR) Hannah Flatten Email 303-492-7442
Psychology and Neuroscience (PSYC) Lisa Livdahl Email 303-492-5358
Religious Studies (RLST) Jon Studtmann Email 303-735-3043
Sewell RAP (RAPS) Kelly Donohue Email 303-492-1664
Sociology (SOCY) Chuck Moseley Email 303-735-6419
Sommers-Bausch Observatory (SBO) Lena Cinnamon Email 303-492-2350
Spanish & Portuguese (SPAN) Jon Studtmann Email 303-735-3043
Speech, Language, Hearing (SLHS) Scott Senger Email 303-735-4215
Theatre & Dance (THDN)

Kelly Donohue Email 303-492-1664

Women and Gender Studies (WGST) Tracey Seward Email 303-735-2931