The College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) awards more than 350 scholarships each year to incoming first-year, transfer, continuing and graduate students with declared majors and/or minors in the Arts & Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences divisions.

Scholarships are awarded on academic merit, financial need, extracurricular activities, leadership experience or other considerations. 

Students must submit CU Boulder’s scholarship application to be considered. The CU Boulder scholarship application allows you to both apply for multiple CU Boulder scholarships with a general application and gain access to additional scholarship opportunities. Additional opportunities may require supplemental essays, letters of recommendation or other materials to be submitted as part of their applications.

  • Important Deadlines:
    • CU’s General Scholarship Application Opens: Nov. 1.
    • CU’s General Scholarship Application Closes (continuing/incoming first-year): March 15.
    • CU’s General Scholarship Application Closes (transfer): June 15.

Some scholarships have alternative deadlines, so be sure to review scholarship details.

  • Notification: Students selected to receive a scholarship will be notified by email. 
    • Continuing/Incoming first-year student: mid-April.
    • Transfer students: Mid-July.
  • Need-Based Eligibility: To be eligible for need-based scholarship awards, applicants must submit the Free Application for Federal Student AID (FAFSA) to the Office of Financial Aid by Feb. 15 of each calendar year. To remain eligible for need-based awards, FAFSA results must be submitted each year.
  • Important Details: Most scholarships require students to remain with their declared majors and/or minors and be enrolled full-time. You can find the A&S Dean’s Office scholarship listing below. Units within A&S have additional scholarships that can be found on unit-specific websites or by viewing Our Opportunities. More information can be found on CU Boulder’s Scholarships website, including information about CU’s Automatic Consideration Scholarships.