Dalton frizzell


Sculpture & Post-Studio Practice

William Dalton Frizzell assesses the impact of religious dogma – specifically Christianity – on individuals and society. Ranging from drawing, painting, and sculpture to performance, metalsmithing, and video – the work invokes philosophical considerations against centuries-old beliefs from the perspective of a non-believer. The content and materials of the work stem directly from art history, scientific data, and various church practices. Having grown up in Colorado Springs, also known as the “Evangelical Vatican,” Frizzell became interested at an early age about how the constant influence of Christendom in our lives in the west has consequences.

Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Frizzell is an interdisciplinary artist who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. He is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture & Post-Studio Practice at the University of Colorado Boulder.

My Savior, 2021 Polyester plush toys, pop-up display, infomercial video

"My Savior," 2021 Polyester plush toys, pop-up display, infomercial video

Thesis Artwork