Nicky Pope

Everyone on this planet has a story. No one needs a formal education to be able to tell a story. Each and every person has a journey that they alone must experience. As a visual storyteller using the medium of filmmaking, I seek to use my opportunity to earn a graduate degree in film here at CU Boulder in a way to fully explore Black History pertaining to Art as well as give myself a great chance at finding my own voice. My goal is to create films that bring pride and honor to the community of the African Diaspora, also debunking myth and misinformation pertaining to the African people of the Western Hemisphere. Having been accepted into top film schools, I truly believe it is here at Boulder that I will be able to gain experience and skill through a more organic and proactive fashion. There are so many different types of artists in this graduate program and I believe that is something that will benefit my work tremendously. I think this program will help me in finding my own visual language and style that is unique and distinctive. Whether I am able to accomplish this goal during my tenure at CU, I cannot answer that. I can say I will put my heart and soul in my work. This is an opportunity for humility and growth.