Artist Statement

Throughout my teenage years, I often went for long walks along the edges of country roads. Whenever I encountered the remains of ill-fated animals unsuccessful in their traverse I would examine the fragile corpse. I felt familiarity when looking at their abandoned bodies left forgotten on the asphalt and saw myself within the carnage.

A twisted self-portrait would stare back at me from the midst of splayed intestines and wrenched limbs. Witnessing the chaos of nature allowed me to reconcile the absence of control in my life. I am able to regulate which aspects of my experience the audience observes when I portray myself through my unsightly animals. When painting broken animal bodies, my intention is to showcase the parallels between their trauma and my own. I hope to address the impact of assault by depicting analogous resonances of violence.

My artwork functions to investigate the disconnect between body and soul, personify the aftermath of trauma, and document the process of discovering an identity separate from events of the past. Through painting exposed bellies, spread extremities, and contorted bodies as a means of catharsis I attempt to reconcile the guilt and shame imposed by traditional conservative values. Just as I wish to acknowledge remnants of my past, I continue to commemorate these abandoned vessels and paint their images into my body of work as a way of memorializing their lives and experiences.


Kori Nelson was born in 1998 in Shreveport, Louisiana. She moved to Colorado Springs when she was four, and was homeschooled until the age of 18. An unorthodox childhood led to many hours drawing, reading, and wandering around outdoors. She works primarily in acrylic and watercolor, and enjoys exploring intense emotions through animalistic imagery. She currently investigates themes such as the aftermath of trauma and the difficult journey to self-discovery. She attended Pikes Peak Community College where she earned an Associates of Art and exhibited her work in multiple local shows. Kori transferred to University of Colorado Boulder in the Fall of 2019. She is currently a CU Boulder Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate and set to graduate in the Spring of 2022. After graduation, she plans on participating in the Post-Baccalaureate program and later attending a Master of Fine Arts program.

Instagram: @korii.elaine

Image (R): ‘Whose Innocence’ - Acrylic and Watercolor on Wood - 2022

‘Whose Innocence’ - Acrylic and Watercolor on Wood - 2022

‘Nothing Lost’ - Acrylic and Watercolor on Wood - 2022

‘Nothing Lost’ - Acrylic and Watercolor on Wood - 2022


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