The King 2024 Finalists

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: Lisa An, Annabelle Farris, Sarah Mak, Alice Neild, Brooke Shoe

GRADUATE STUDENTS: Dati Alsaedi, Ana González Barragán, Cody Norton, Silvia Alejandra Saldivar Romero, Natalie Thedford

About the award: All awards are based on artistic merit. In 2013, Gretchen King (BA in English’59) worked with the Department of Art & Art History to establish the King Competition and Exhibition, the department’s first juried student exhibition. Since that time fellow alums, Meridee Moore (BA in Philosophy ’80) and Kevin King (BFA in Fine Arts ’81) have joined Gretchen in generously supporting the annual competition and exhibition, allowing the department to award undergraduate and graduate students monetary prizes, and to showcase their work in the Visual Arts Complex.

All degree-seeking students in the Art & Art history department are invited to apply.

  • $3000 for first-place Grad and Undergrad
  • $2000 for second-place Grad and Undergrad
  • $1000 for third-place Grad and Undergrad
  • $500 for 4 honorable mentions