In Between, 2022 Lithograph with hand tinting, 11” x 20”

"In Between," 2022. Lithograph with hand tinting, 11” x 20”

Artist Statement

Through printmaking, I explore aspects of my identity, understanding of self, and personal narrative in an attempt to release repressed emotions and seek community. The United States dominant culture encourages separations between gender, class, and race, driven by binary ways of understanding. In my experiences, this binary perspective reveals vulnerability and creates a feeling of otherness for those who fall in between the margins. Within these separations, I find myself deconstructing the binary by existing in the liminal spaces of my identity. I am an American with Mexican, Spanish, and Native American ancestry (among others), and I am expected to claim only one of these cultures or claim another label (Hispanic, Latina, or Chicana) with the purpose to identify me as other. Through self-reflection, I consider the ways in which the dominant culture attempts to marginalize, repress, and objectify my identity as a woman of mixed ethnicity. I regain control over forces that make me feel powerless by expressing myself in the way I wish to be seen and understood. I use symbols and metaphors symbolic to my perspective on the world to break beyond the limited understandings regarding identity.


Jordan Vigil is a multimedia artist from Denver, Colorado. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in printmaking from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Jordan has been apart of several group exhibitions at Gallery 1010 in Knoxville, Tennessee, Leslie Powell Foundation Gallery in Lawton, Oklahoma, Innovations in Printmaking and Mixed Media juried exhibition at D’art Gallery in Denver, Colorado, and her work won third place in the 2022 Western Wild’s Collective virtual juried exhibition. Along with organizing two volumes of the Bloodlines print exchange, she has participated in several portfolio exchanges including the Supporting Indigenous Sisters: an International print exchange. She hopes to inspire a critical reformulation of the social constructs regarding identity within her communities.

Instagram: jvigilart

Pansona, 2021 Monotype, 22” x 30”

"Pansona," 2021. Monotype, 22” x 30”

Never Ending, 2022 Lithograph, monotype, and screenprint, 8” x 12”

"Never Ending," 2022. Lithograph, monotype, and screenprint, 8” x 12”

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