Stephanie Su

CU Boulder art history students deepen learning through ‘object-based learning’

Sept. 28, 2018

‘What does this art mean?’ students muse. You tell me, prof replies

George Rivera

CU Boulder Professor Is Taking Art For Human Rights Straight To The Korean Border

June 19, 2018

George Rivera is facing the age old traveler’s dilemma. He’s about to board a flight and his suitcase needs to fit in the overhead compartment — with 117 pieces of art gently stuffed in there. The University of Colorado Boulder art professor is taking this art the carry-on route for an art show at the DMZ Museum in South Korea, just miles from the North Korean border. Rivera has traveled the world, organizing hundreds of art exhibitions in regions experiencing conflict or human rights issues, through Artnauts, an artist collective he founded in 1996.

artwork by Sandy Lane, "Between You and Me", 2018.

The Artnauts are erasing borders through art near Korea's demilitarized zone

June 14, 2018

Professor George Rivera is a strong believer in the power of art as a medium to connect people around the world.

Melanie Yazzie in her studio

Faculty in Focus: Melanie Yazzie

Nov. 1, 2017

Printmaker finds inspiration in students and global connections.

Lynn Wolfe

AAH Department celebrates the life, work and hundredth birthday of one of its formative faculty members

July 7, 2017

Lynn R. Wolfe was born just after the start of World War I, served in the Army during World War II, retired when Ronald Reagan was in the first year of his presidency and now spends his days creating new art. Wolfe, professor emeritus of art and art history, served...

Marina Kassianidou

CU professor Marina Kassianidou finds new ways to put her mark on the world

April 20, 2017

To those who aren’t art professors, students, historians or fine artist themselves, much of the joy derived from viewing what’s commonly called abstract art (though the artists might just call it “art”) is derived from seeing something for the first time, an image or format entirely new to the viewer and their experience.