Dati Alsaedi
Sculpture & Post-Studio Practice

Is it possible to avoid words and still communicate? Could communication be maintained in the most disconnected state possible, and a relation between the audience and the artist remains?

These questions were the main reason that Dati’s work exists now. Their interest in space and process-based installations was shaped after a traumatic incident. In their work we often encounter gray sponges, colorful pages, patterns, books, and shapes as main material. Their work can be their haven which has also acted as therapy to them. As for choosing materials, their art has no limits as long as they can convey their inner feelings to the world through them.

They have exhibited their work in some of the well-known galleries of Iran, such as Iranshahr Art Gallery, Arya Gallery, and Iranian Artist Forum, and was the youngest participant of the 8th Tehran National Sculpture Biennial.

Originally from Tehran, Iran. They received their BA in Sculpture from the Art University of Tehran, Iran. Dati is currently pursuing an MFA in Sculpture and Post-Studio Practice from the University of Colorado Boulder.