Cesar Herrejon
Painting & Drawing

Cesar Herrejon is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder focusing on hybrid painting. His parents immigrated to Alabama thirty years ago from Morelia Mexico. He has lived in Birmingham Alabama his entire life. Currently his work explores materials foreign to academic artistic expression that parallel and enrich his cultural heritage. He often uses defamiliarized quotations from culture in his work like the surrealism that he finds deeply rooted in Mexican Culture. In his work the hierarchy and placement of the marks, drawings, prints, photos create layers that explore dichotomies such as integration versus segregation as well as inner versus outer experience. Below all the collage and chaos of subculture artifacts he is making stories and meta-narratives which hopefully reveal/question the vulnerability of humanity. As a second-generation immigrant in the deep south of the United States it wasn’t a shock when his father asked him why he was interested in art. Art is the only thing he has found to feel passionate about and build his identity with. His undergraduate studies and research included experimental printmaking, drawing and painting. Cesar exhibits regionally and has attended workshops.