Sculpture & Post-Studio Practice

Ana González Barragán (she/her) (Mexico City, b. 1989) is an artist and researcher that explores minerals, sedimentary rocks, and other geological bodies anchored to prehispanic narratives and mythologies. 

Her recent work delves into the historical, social, cultural, economic, and political heritage of obsidian stone and its contemporary use, extraction, value, and resignification through the use of sculpture, photography, and digital media. 

Ana holds a BA in Furniture and Product Design from CENTRO University; among her recent exhibitions are Material Art Fair with Janet40, Mexico (2019); Zona Maco in Sample Booth, Mexico (2019); SWAB Art Fair, Barcelona (2019);  Momoroom (2020); and Salon Cosa (2021), and is now pursuing an MFA in Sculpture and Post-Studio Practice at the University of Colorado Boulder.