Albert Alhadeff
Associate Professor • 19th & 20th Century European Art History
Art History

Teaching and research interests include 19th and 20th-century European painting and sculpture with an emphasis on Romanticism and Symbolism;  courses recently taught include Van Gogh and the 1890s, Picasso, Cubism, Dada, Surrealism and its off-shoots, as well as excursions in the Italian Renaissance, particularly Michelangelo.

Alhadeff has long been working on a book researching the state of people of color--free and enslaved--in France during the opening decades of the 19th century. His work focuses on the images of the Other as drawn by Theodore Gerricault, a leading proto-Romantic artist of the period. Aware of diversity within current art historical studies, Alhadeff brings a sensitivity to questions of the estranged. 

Single-author Volumes:

  • Théodore Géricault: Painting Black Bodies. Confrontations and Contradictions. Routledge Research in Art History, Routledge, New York and London, 2020
  • Émile Verhaeren: Essays on the Northern Renaissance: Rembrandt. Rubens, Grünewald and Others. Peter Lang Publishers, New York, Munich, Washington, 2012
  • The Raft of the Medusa. Géricault, Art and Race. Prestel, Berlin, London, New York, 2003

Book Chapters:

  • “Verhaeren on Rembrandt’s folie.” In Mental Illnes in Symbolism. Ed. by Rosina Neginsky, (Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Cambridge, 2017), 63-83
  • “US and THEM: Camper’s odious ligne faciale and Géricault’s Beseeching Black.” In Blacks and Blackness in European Art of the Long Nineteenth Century. Ed. by Adrienne L. Childs and Susan H. Libby (Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2014), 47-67
  • “Fetis’s Coup de lance: Ensor and Émile Littre.” In Hommage: Robert Hoozee, Museum voor Schone Kunsten, 1982-2012. Eds. by  atherine Verleysen, et alGhent: Museum voor Schone Kunsten, 2014), 114-17
  • “Spiritualisme en zelfvertering in Minnes ,Jongeling’ en ,De kleine Gekwetste’. In  200 jaar verzamelen: Collectieboek Museum voor Schone Kunsten Gent. Ed. by Arnout Balis and Robert Hoozee  (Gent:  Amsterdam, 2000), 181-87

Catalogue Essays:

  • “Serres chaudes: Inside-Outside, Outside-Inside”. In Nature’s Mirror. Reality and Symbol in Belgian Landscape. Exh. cat. Ed. by Jeffery Howe. Mc Mullen Museum of Art, Boston College, 95-102, 2017
  • “Minne’s “drei heilege frauen” und eine toten kunstlern geschnitze bildwelt”. In George Minne. Ein Anfang der moderne. Exh. cat. Ed. by Arie Hartog. Gerhard-Marcks-Haus, das bildhauermuseum norden, Bremem, Wienand, 32-49, 2014
  • “Minne’s , drie heilige vrouwen’ en ‘een door overleden kunstenaars uitgehouwen  beeldenwereld.” In George Minne. Ein Anfang der moderne. Exh. cat. Ed. by Arie Hartog. Gerhard-Marcks-Haus, das bildhaernmuseum Norden, Bremen, Wienand 35-47 [in Flemish], 2014

Journal Articles:

  • “Julian Barnes and The Raft of the Medusa.” The French Review 82. no. 2: 276-91, 2008
  • “Meunier and Minne: Subterranean Visions and the Blue Summits of the Soul.” Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts 65 no 1: 23-35, 1989


Selected Honors and Awards:

  • Kayden Fund, University of Colorado, 2019
  • Guest lecturer at the University of Ghent,1997
  • Guest lecturer for the Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Ghent, Belgium 198 
  • Participant at the international Congress of the History of Art, Bologna, Italy, 1979
  • National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship for Independent Study (N.E.H.)
  • University of Colorado Faculty Fellowship, 1976
  • Participant International Congress of the History of Art, Budapest, Hungary, 1969