Abi Bernstein

Abi Bernstein (any/all) is a ceramic sculptor working with large-scale forms to narrate cycles in human behavior. Working alongside the natural world, Abi uses recognizable forms and alters them to create tension and curiosity. These vessels tell a story of heartbreak, longing, healing, and growth without giving away too much obvious detail. During their life, Abi has lived in three different states across the US. Born in Utah in 2000, grew up in Idaho and studied in Massachusetts. Abi will be continuing their practice working towards an MFA in art practices at CU Boulder starting in the fall of 2023. Having experienced a wide variety of human behavior, these ideas of constant change are present throughout most of their work. Looking at cycles in both humans and nature, Abi uses the more uncomfortable parts of living on earth to emphasize things in ourselves that are hard to face.