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Brianne Cohen Southeast Asia research

Eyeing environmental issues through a camera lens

For Brianne Cohen, assistant professor of contemporary art history at the University of Colorado Boulder, art is much more than an aesthetic: It can offer powerful commentary on the issues of the day and galvanize public opinion. "There is a question of compassion fatigue. If we’re barraged with all these images of atrocity and war and so forth, can we actually move as a public to effect change? So, that’s the big question for me. Can they do that? I think that (the images) can.”

Brianne Cohen book
How art can mobilize ‘preventive publics’ against barbarism
Xiao Xiao Strong 2022
The King Awards: Long may they reign
Shloka Dhar
Artist vivifies the pain, diaspora and tragedy of Kashmir
A Home In Between, Partial C: God's plan for the redemption (Erin Hyunhee Kang)
CU Boulder artist embodies resilience in the wake of the Marshall Fire

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A rolling exhibition space

Art major follows her curiosity at CU Boulder

CU Boulder Printmaking Professor Melanie Yazzie