BFA Spring 2024 Exhibition

On view in the visual arts complex: April 26-May 10. Opening Reception: April 26, 2024 from 4-6 PM. Featured artists: Seleny Bañuelos, Emily Conklin, Jessica Crumpler, Annabelle Farris, Gabrielle Gonzales, Maddie Hahn, Elyse Catarina Hawkins, Jenna Hissong, Raven Hopgood, Aspen Moehring-Miller, Taylor Mỹ-Ly Nguyen, Sissy Nunziata, Sam Ottlinghaus, Greyson Earl Giombetti Schermerhorn, Brooke Shoe, Katherine Sieker, Kate Sparhawk, Malachai Stenflo, Lauren Vincent

King Awards 2024

King Awards 2024

UNDERGRADUATE WINNERS: Lisa An, Annabelle Farris, Sarah Mak, Alice Neild, Brooke Shoe. GRADUATE WINNERS: Dati Alsaedi, Ana González Barragán, Cody Norton, Silvia Alejandra Saldivar Romero, Natalie Thedford

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Benjamin Burney

From Cleats to Canvas: Benjamin Burney's Transition from Athlete to Art Advocate

Benjamin Burney's eclectic career trajectory was not just about personal survival but about a deep-seated desire to make a meaningful impact through art. His journey was marked by continuous learning and adaptation, from navigating the complexities of business management during a pandemic to becoming the Creative Director of Zoid Art Haus to foster community through art.

Amy Hoagland
Sculpture and Post-Studio Practice Alumni Conversation
Abby Bennett
Abby Bennett (MFA 2015) brings public artwork into focus
Brianne Cohen Southeast Asia research
Eyeing environmental issues through a camera lens
Brianne Cohen book
How art can mobilize ‘preventive publics’ against barbarism

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A rolling exhibition space

Art major follows her curiosity at CU Boulder

CU Boulder Printmaking Professor Melanie Yazzie