Published: March 1, 2023 By

Alex Craig and Christina Lynn-Craig The College of Music’s American Music Research Center (AMRC) announces a new award, set to be granted for the first time this spring: The Alex Craig and Christina Lynn-Craig Living Music Award celebrates the works of late composer Alex Craig. Craig earned a bachelor’s degree in music history and master’s in composition at CU Boulder, and held the position of staff accompanist at the College of Music from 1976 until 2011.

This biannual award is open to both undergraduate and graduate students, and supports the performance of Craig’s compositions housed in the AMRC Archive in Norlin Library’s Rare and Distinctive Collections. Interested undergraduate and graduate students may apply for the Alex Craig and Christina Lynn-Craig Living Music Award here; the deadline to apply is April 7.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to get to know the music of a composer they may not have been aware of, as well as an opportunity for students to work with archival collections,” says AMRC Director Susan Thomas.

Alex Craig “The inspiration behind the Alex Craig and Christina Lynn-Craig Living Music Award is love and joy,” says Christina Lynn-Craig, wife of Alex Craig and daughter of the former College of Music teacher George Lynn (1915-1989)—pedagogue, choral conductor, organist and composer.

“Love for my husband and his music. And joy in sharing music he created with people who have not had an opportunity to perform it or hear it, yet. Alex cherished the time he spent collaborating with musicians of all ages and abilities.” 

Adds Lynn-Craig, “I met Alex when I was in graduate school. We performed together frequently in Grusin Music Hall when I was working on my DMA in voice performance and pedagogy, and when I was on the voice faculty. It made sense to establish a fund at CU Boulder to encourage students to perform his music. 

“I’m certain that Alex would be excited to know that his compositions will be sung, played and heard again in this special place. I look forward to meeting the students who receive the award and telling them about Alex!”

The Alex Craig and Christina Lynn-Craig Living Music Award comes with a $1,000 prize and supports work that takes place between June 2023-April 2024. After completion of the project the award winner is expected to submit a short report summarizing the work and research accomplished. Activities eligible to receive this award include public performances or recitals of Craig’s vocal, instrumental chamber, choral or orchestral music; as well as recording projects of all kinds related to the above in the coming year.