The following videos demonstrate the experience of blind and low vision individuals using assistive technology (AT), namely screen readers and magnifiers, in a variety of digital environments and situations. Some of the videos present digital content that exemplifies a design that works well, while other videos present designs that do not work. In all situations though, the audience has the opportunity to see what is on the screen, observe how the AT interacts with it, and listen to the user comment on the experience.

We understand that screen readers and magnifiers can be foreign to someone who has never seen or experienced them, so the main goal of these videos is to provide an opportunity to observe a native user interacting with content; a situation that is not replicable by a sighted user interacting with tools and content. The videos do not provide solutions to the demonstrated problems, nor do they provide details on how the successful content items were built. Details about particular issues can be found in the Accessibility Standards and Issues Database. Other information and resources are also available through the AUL’s variety of training opportunities.