Published: Sept. 13, 2018

A message from Dan Jones:

I have been asked to be the Associate Vice Chancellor for Integrity, Safety, and Compliance. We are also moving the information security and digital accessibility teams out of OIT and into this new organization. Both the security and digital accessibility teams will continue to support both the Boulder Campus and System Administration in partnership with OIT and UIS.

I have decided to turn over most management of the digital accessibility program to Kosta Tovstiadi. A key part of the new program roadmap is to shift resources to focus on service and support (de-emphasizing compliance and control). The new focus aligns well with the work that Kosta’s team has actively created over the past year including the AUL Open House, A to Y Workshop, and new self-study resources.

Most of the work pertaining to procurement has been shifted to my Information Risk and Compliance team. As OIT implements a new IT architectural review board this fall the change will provide the opportunity to re-evaluate how we address digital accessibility in OIT projects.

We will transition running of the various meetings to Kosta over the coming weeks. I will still chair the ICT Accessibility Review Board. Thank you in advance for your support as Kosta works with you and his team to reduce any disruption.