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Listed in the chart to the bottom are the prices and expiration dates of the Memberships offered for Fall, Spring, Summer and Annual semesters. Affiliation with the University entitles you to a Student Recreation Center membership for a reasonable fee. Come to the Guest Services or call 303-492-6880 for more information.

Membership Prices and Expiration Dates

Expires 5/31/14

Expires 8/23/14
Annual Expires 8/23/14
Base-fee Student




Spouse / Partner $68    
Dependent Children $68    
Faculty / Staff $223 $203  
Spouse / Partner $75 $68  
Dependent Children $75 $68  
Dependent Children      
Student Affiliate $213 N/A  
Spouse / Partner $71 N/A  
Dependent Children $71 N/A  
University Affiliate/Alumni $233 $213  
Spouse / Partner $78 $71  
Dependent Children $78 $71  
Continuing Student   $13/week  
Spouse / Partner   $5/week  
Dependent Children   $5/week  
Guest $6.00    
Guest 10 Punch Pass $50/10 punches. Good for one year.
Conference Week $20/week    
Special Use (Ice Arena)     $601/year
Spouse / Partner     $201/year
Dependent Children     $201/year

*This price is determined by the amount of CUSG Student Fees you are charged. Please bring a copy of your bill to the Rec Center when you are ready to purchase.

Monthly Membership for Fall Semester Only (Non-Refundable)


Spring 2014

Faculty/Staff $60
Spouse/Partner $20
Dependant Children $20
University Affiliate $62
Spouse/Partner $21
Dependant Children $21
Alumni $62
Spouse/Partner $21
Dependant Children $21

Student Memberships

Full-fee-paying Students: All CU-Boulder students who pay full CUSG fees are members of the Recreation Center. To access the Rec Center, students must present a valid Buff One Card for the current term. This includes Continuing Education students taking credit classes who pay full CUSG fees.

Base-fee-paying Students: CU-Boulder students who do not pay full CUSG fees may purchase a base-fee student membership. Present a copy of your bill showing assessment of CUSG base fee.

Student Affiliate: Non-credit Continuing Education, Stay Connected, ACCESS, UC Denver, UCCS, and International English Center (IEC) students are eligible to purchase student affiliate memberships.

Continuing Student: All students enrolled for Fall Semester and not enrolled for Summer term, can purchase a summer membership per week and for as many weeks at a time as needed during the summer months. Students can purchase one, two, three, all the way up to the entire summer term at one time. No refunds on this pass so please pick the weeks you wish to purchase carefully.

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Faculty or staff employed at least half time on the Boulder campus, Boulder campus retirees, employees of University System offices in Boulder, and CU Foundation employees with offices in Boulder AND employed at 50 percent or more are eligible for membership.

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Payroll Deduction (PRD)

Faculty or Staff employed at least half time on the Boulder campus, may have their membership fees deducted monthly from their paycheck. Yearly memberships begin September 1st and expire August 31st of each year. Please renew your membership by August 19th to ensure no lapse in membership.

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Senior Discount

Those members 65 years old or over may purchase a membership at half price. Inform the cashier about your eligibility for the senior discount. Monthly membership not included in this discount.

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Spouse/Domestic Partner

A primary membership is required and must be purchased first. Present a marriage license / certificate, or joint tax return, or proof of joint bank account AND same residence. City of Boulder Domestic Partnership registration is also accepted. Primary member must be present when initial spouse pass is purchased.

Spouse/Domestic Partner Only

Spouse/Domestic Partner of a full time Faculty/Staff may purchase a pass just for themselves but will pay the Faculty/Staff rate above. Present a marriage license / certificate, or joint tax return, or proof of joint bank account AND same residence. City of Boulder Domestic Partnership registration is also accepted. Primary member must be present when initial spouse pass is purchased.

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Rock Wall

Dependent Children (Family)

A primary membership must be purchased first. Only immediate family members are eligible for a family membership. Family memberships apply to dependents aged 5 - 17 years; children under 5 are free. Only one family membership card is issued per family. Parents must accompany dependents at all times while in the building.

Single Parent Family: Boulder campus full-fee-paying students who are single parents may acquire a dependent children membership free of charge.

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University Affiliate/Alumni

The following are eligible for university affiliate memberships: Faculty/staff employed less than 50 percent on the Boulder campus, faculty/staff employed a minimum of 50 percent on other University of Colorado campuses, Boulder campus adjunct appointees, persons involved at 50 percent or more in university research projects, employees of LASP, JILA, CIRES, OCS, IBG, NCAR, NIST, NOAA, USGS, other Research Park employees, and CU Foundation employees with offices on other campuses or employed at less than 50 percent. Monthly University Affiliate memberships will be available Summer Semester 2010.

Individuals who are members of the Alumni Association may become members of the Rec Center.

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In the Pool

Special Use

An annual limited use pass may be sold to community members for the Ice Arena only.

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CU Faculty, Staff, non- member students, members of the Alumni Association, as well as University affiliates may use the Rec Center on a drop-in basis by purchasing a daily pass at $6.  Drop-in users shall present a Buff OneCard, Alumni Association card, or other documentation as proof of eligibility


Full Fee-paying students, Members with a current membership, and qualified Drop-in users may sponsor up to three guests per day.  Guests must purchase a daily pass at $6 and be accompanied by their sponsors.  Sponsors are responsible for guests’ behaviors as well as loss/damage to the Recreation Center equipment and/or facilities.

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Conference Participant

CU conference guests may purchase a pass for $6 per day or $20 per week during the conference. Present a valid conference badge or an official conference letter from the host department as proof.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get a membership?
If you're a full-fee-paying student, you are already a member. Present your Buff OneCard at either door of the Recreation Center for admittance. If you're not a student, you must be affiliated with the University to become a member and bring proof of the affiliation to the cashier's desk inside the main entrance of the recreation center. Membership prices are dependent on the kind of affiliation.
May I bring a guest?
Members may bring up to three guests per day. The cost is $6.00 per day per person and they must be signed in at the Cashier Desk.
I'm a graduate student. Why can't I get in the recreation center?
Graduate Students do not always pay full student fees. Any graduate student at the University of Colorado at Boulder who does not pay full student fees may purchase a Student Affiliate membership.
My spouse or partner wants to join, too. How is it done?
A primary member may purchase a spouse or partner membership when s/he displays a marriage certificate or joint checking account (same address) as proof.
I'll be in Boulder working this summer, but I won't be a student until the fall semester. Can I use the recreation center over the summer?
Students who are preregistered for fall semester may buy a continuing student membership for the summer. These memberships are sold in a way to accommodate students here for the whole summer whether or not they are taking classes. Ask at the recreation center cashier's desk for more information.
How are memberships sold?
Student memberships are sold one semester at a time. All other memberships are sold on a semester, bi semester and yearly basis. All memberships (except Continuing Student memberships) are sold at half price in the middle of each semester.
Do I have to be a member to take classes? Is there a cost for the classes?
All classes, trips, seminars or tournaments are open only to members. Most classes have an associated fee. Check each area for details.

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