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Peer2Peer Mentoring

Peer2Peer Mentee application is now open!

Go to leedsmentoring.colorado.edu to apply.

Leeds Peer2Peer Mentoring

What Is P2P?  The P2P mentoring program pairs you, the Leeds first-year student, with a current sophomore, junior, or senior Leeds student mentor.  Mentors work with you and other first-year students the summer before you get on campus, and throughout your entire first year here at CU!  Mentors give helpful hints on how to do well in class, work with professors, prepare a resume, join student clubs and organizations, and most importantly, how to make the most of your on campus and Boulder experiences!

Leeds Peer2Peer MentoringWhy Should I Join?  Have you ever tried to do something really difficult and thought to yourself, “It would be nice to hear how someone else managed this problem”?  Well, that’s exactly what P2P does!  Your mentor will be a trusted friend when you need it, a coach to push you outside of your comfort zone, a guide to help you navigate uncharted territory, and a motivator to show you what’s possible.

Who Is My Mentor?  P2P mentors are sophomores, juniors and seniors that are high-achievers academically, and are actively engaged in the CU and Leeds communities.  They know first-hand how to take full advantage of the CU and Boulder experience, and they look forward to passing that information on to you!  All of our mentors are carefully screened and thoroughly trained.

Leeds Peer2Peer Mentoring

What Should I Expect?  You decide the level of involvement you want in this program, from once per month meetings with your mentor to weekly cohort groups run by a mentor and an academic advisor.  You will indicate your desired level of involvement when you fill out the “Interest Form”.  Choose the level that feels right for you!

We will match you with your mentor over the summer months and your mentor will call you once you are matched.  You should feel free to ask your mentor all the questions you have right from the beginning.  That’s what they’re here for!  All of our mentors remember what it felt like to be in your shoes.  There are NO dumb questions!


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