This is the mission of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS):

  • To preserve, interpret and convey humane values and learning, while
  • Creating, integrating and applying knowledge in the arts and sciences by
  • Ensuring excellence across a broad scope of liberal arts education,
  • Providing a superior learning experience for students, through dedicated teaching, research and creative work,
  • Fostering educational exchange within the University, the Colorado community and society as a whole,
  • And maintaining a community of teachers and scholars devoted to the preservation and discovery of knowledge and to the well-being of future generations.

“At the University of Colorado Boulder, we accept both the public role and responsibility of a flagship, including the expectations of leadership, excellence in all we do, and commitment to the highest academic core values. We strive to promote the confluence of superb teaching, research, scholarship, creative works, and service that distinguishes a flagship university. In creating the following strategic plan, we have focused on our primary role as a national comprehensive research university. It is from this core identity that Flagship 2030 has evolved.”

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