Strategic Imperative 1: Create a culture that welcomes all, inspires community, develops the individual, and engages the world.

We aspire to an Arts and Sciences culture, based on shared values, that reflects our rich history, embraces diverse perspectives and inspires us to think courageously to address regional and global issues. We seek to create opportunities for constructive interactions that reinforce community by promoting shared identity, collaboration, and responsibility to achieve our shared mission. The Arts and Sciences culture that we envision will honor and facilitate the leadership, contributions and achievements of its students, faculty, staff and alums by promoting the well-being of the individual, while deepening and broadening our connections to the local community, the state and the world.

Cultural Imperative: Identification & Retention

Identify programs and required resources that will attract and retain students, faculty, staff and visiting scholars who are committed, passionate and contribute to our shared mission.

Strategic Recommendations:

Cultural Imperative: Increase Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Build a web of interactions among ALL members of the College community, and particularly between units, to promote affinity, collaboration and responsibility to achieve our shared mission.

Strategic Recommendations:

Cultural Imperative: Promote Individual Development

Provide opportunities for each individual member of our College community to engage boldly in rich academic, research and professional work that deepens understanding of and compassion for themselves and others.

Strategic Recommendations:

Cultural Imperative: Build External Partnerships

Partner with local, national and international entities to understand, innovate and engage in important global issues.

Strategic Recommendations: