CU Boulder has redesigned their FCQ process, and all FCQs will be done online beginning this semester. Students will receive an email on Friday, December 8th, with instructions and a link to the FCQ website. The email will be sent from "notification @".

What are FCQs?

FCQ's, or Faculty Course Questionnaires, are student surveys used to evaluate the effectiveness of our courses, and the faculty member's teaching of our courses.

How are FCQ reports used?

The results for the FCQ are meant to be used for the following:

  • Individual instructors for use in improving their courses and teaching.
  • Department chairs and deans for use in course assignments and in promotion, salary, and tenure decisions.
  • Students for use in course selection.

 How will students complete access FCQs?

An invitation email will be sent the first day of the administration period, Friday December 8th, and a maximum of three reminder emails will follow if the FCQ is not completed. The invitation and reminder emails will be sent from our online vendor, Campus Labs at notification @

For more information about FCQs, see