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AIDS and Masculinity in the African CityAbout the author: Robert Wyrod is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Women and Gender Studies and the International Affairs Program at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Book description: AIDS has been a devastating plague in much of sub-Saharan Africa, yet the long-term implications for gender and sexuality are just emerging. AIDS and Masculinity in the African City tackles this issue head on and examines how AIDS has altered the ways masculinity is lived in Uganda—a country known as Africa’s great AIDS success story. Based on a decade of ethnographic research in an urban slum community in the capital Kampala, this book reveals the persistence of masculine privilege in the age of AIDS and the implications such privilege has for combating AIDS across the African continent.

American Sociological Association
2017 Sex and Gender Section Distinguished Book Award, Honorable Mention
2017 Human Rights Section Gordon Hirabayashi Human Rights Book Award, Honorable Mention
American Anthropological Association
Society of Medical Anthropology, Eileen Basker Memorial Prize, Winner 2017

Publication date: July 2016

Publisher: University of California Press

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