Published: May 18, 2020

Heath insurance is mandatory for CU Boulder students, and CU Boulder offers options for coverage. In most cases it will be automatically added to your bill.  If you are a main campus degree seeking student, and have 100% eligibility using the Post 9/11GI Bill®, then the VA will pay for the Gold SHIP plan.  You can elect to do nothing and it will automatically be added to your bill; we will then submit this amount up to the VA for payment along with the rest of your bill.  Students that have other insurance and do not want this coverage can submit the documentation to waive coverage. If you are NOT 100% eligible for the GI Bill, or are not degree-seeking, you will need to pay for the Gold SHIP plan out of pocket-so most students in these situations elect to waive it. As a general rule, if the coverage has not automatically been added to your bill, it is not an eligible expense as part of the GI Bill.

The supplemental Campus Care Plan is not paid by the VA, but is a good alternative for students who want to access services on campus and are not eligible for the Gold SHIP plan or for students that want to maintain their private insurance as their primary provider. The Campus Care Plan is an out-of-pocket expense.

For students starting in the summer, the Gold SHIP is not covered by the VA. Summer coverage is offered as part of the Spring plan.

An overview of plan details can be viewed here. Specific questions about the insurance coverage can be directed to the Student Insurance Office on campus. Their phone number is 303-492-5107 or send them an email at