We encourage you to develop a mentoring philosophy as you refine your approach to working with students.

What is a Mentoring Philosophy?

Your mentoring philosophy defines your approach to engaging with students as you guide their personal growth and professional development, often explaining your motivation to mentor with personal narratives while highlighting your goals for successful relationships and broader social impact.  These statements may also be considered "living documents" that are updated as you refine your approach and the context and goals of your work changes.

Benefits for Mentors

  • Shares your story
  • Clarifies intentions, beliefs and biases
  • Opens conversations about goals
  • Complements your teaching philosophy
  • Highlights broader impacts for grants

Benefits for Students

  • Explains your approach
  • Outlines expectations
  • Defines communications preferences
  • Provides a reference point for discussion
  • Contributes to inclusion

Create a Mentor Agreement

We encourage you to create mentor agreements in partnership with your mentees as you supervise their growth and development.