Additional Questions

Can I get funding for my Honors thesis?

Yes. UROP Grants are not intended to support "general" coursework, even if it is research/inquiry-based, but funding may support students doing research or creative projects outside the classroom while they’re enrolled in Independent Study/Honors Thesis courses with section numbers in the 800-900s.

Does UROP count as a financial aid award?

No. UROP Grants are classified as fellowships and paid through the university payroll system but do not count as financial aid or create an employer-employee relationship with the university.  Please consult with a financial aid counselor or financial advisor on how to report UROP income for future FAFSA or financial aid applications.  Check out Student Award Payment for details.

Do you have to have a certain GPA or be in a certain major to participate in UROP?

No. There is no minimum GPA requirement to receive UROP funding.

I won't be able to finish my UROP project by the completion date. What should I do?

Contact UROP as early as possible if you don't think you will meet the completion date.

Will my application be reviewed if I turn in my part of the application by the deadline but my mentor misses the deadline?

No. Only completed applications will be reviewed.  Please make arrangements to get all of the sections of the application submitted on time.

Can I get UROP funding to present at a conference or exhibit/perform my creative work?

No. Students should apply for a Professional and Academic Conference Endowment (PACE) Grant to attend a conference or exhibit/perform their creative work.

Can I get funding to teach, perform, or implement a service project abroad or off-campus?

No. UROP funds are for faculty-mentored academic research, scholarly or creative projects only.

If my project is not eligible for UROP funds, where else can I look for funding sources?

There are opportunities for research and development outside of UROP and the Boulder campus. Check out More Opportunities.

Can I see examples of past projects?

Explore the UROP Student Grant Directory for information about recently-funded projects.

How does a faculty member sign-up to review UROP proposals?

Faculty can learn about the review process and sign-up to evaluate proposals on the UROP Review Board page.

How do I nominate my mentor for a UROP Faculty Mentor Award?

Students can learn about the nomination process on the Faculty Mentor Award page.

How is UROP Student Grant funding paid?

Refer to the award payment page for information about the process.

How do I setup and/or update my direct deposit and mailing address information?

Refer to the Payroll Enrollment page for instructions.

What are my chances of receiving a UROP award?

Due to a range of variables (e.g. the number of proposals submitted in each grant term, the ratio of grant types submitted, etc.) as well as variations between review cycles and budgetary allocations across fiscal years, the award rate fluctuates and complicates generalized estimations about one’s chances of receiving an award.  We encourage you to see UROP as an achievable goal that requires planning and attention to detail.  Though competition has increased and the award rate has declined in recent cycles, UROP still funds the majority of students and faculty who apply.

Who do I contact with questions about intellectual property?

Venture Partners creates and implements an IP strategy for your research and creative works so you can understand your IP rights and obligations as you work with various collaborators, research sponsors and industry partners.