herd mental health month buffalo silhouette

One thing at a time.

To normalize mental health support, share important wellness resources and raise funds for related campus programs, Herd Mental Health Month is all about serving CU Boulder students. 

After all, it’s OK to not be OK. But it’s just as important to know that your entire Buffs family is here to support you. For example, the Health & Wellness Services office in Student Affairs offers a wide variety of support. Check out Mindful Mondays — weekly events focused on gratitude, mindfulness, relationships and more — or SilverCloud Health, a free online portal that features secure, immediate access to online programs for stress, anxiety and depression. Those services are available to students for free.

That said, they’re not free to operate. In March 2020 and 2021, The Herd raised more than $3,000 through the Herd Mental Health Fund to support the Peer Wellness Coaching program. 

So what’s a Peer Wellness Coach? Coaches are CU Boulder students who are trained to help their peers optimize their health and wellness or make meaningful changes in their lives. Through one-on-one sessions and resource sharing, Peer Wellness Coaches can help you achieve your goals — and scheduling an appointment is easy. 

It costs approximately $9,000 per academic year to fund one Peer Wellness Coach, and any amount of support can make a difference in supporting this important program. While Herd Mental Health Month is over, you can still give today to help your fellow Forever Buffs navigate the college experience. 


Want to learn more about fundraising on campus? Reach out to the Herd Leadership Council. As student philanthropy ambassadors, we’re here to help other groups explore and participate in crowdfunding on campus.