We're teaming up with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, a local non-profit dedicated to preserving the Colorado landscape while engaging local high school youth. We need grad and undergrad volunteers to support upcoming events and programs. Some programs feature a stipend for extended commitments! Given the nature of the work, environmental, ecological, and biological fields of study may fit most easily, however, this kind of work is also interdisciplinary and students can learn a lot about potential careers by engaging with folks from any field of study. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at STEM_Routes@colorado.edu

Our partners at Wildlands are always reaching out with new projects and opportunities so check back regularly!

Email us if you're interested in participating!



Panel for STEM Careers (Oct 3–4)


Local youth leadership has organized a virtual conference where attendees can engage with and learn about careers that involve studying nature and preserving the landscape. We need 3–5 graduate or undergraduate students who are enthusiastic about connecting with local students and sharing their path.

Mentorship for Lafayette Latinx High Schoolers (Sept–May)


Every Saturday, local Lafayette high schoolers serve their community and bring in speakers to learn how to care for the local landscape. Get involved regularly for the duration of the program or just one session! Sessions occur every Saturday (September 2020–May 2021), including 4 hours of community service and 2 hours of education. All activities require masks and allow for social distancing.

Long-Term: Volunteers may be graduate or undergraduate students who can commit to monthly or biweekly Saturdays sessions lasting at least 2 hours, though you may stay longer if you'd prefer! Long-term volunteers may be eligible for a small stipend.

One-Time: If you can't commit to coming regularly, join us for just one session! Let us know ahead of time so students can plan their programming to involve you and your story. You may join for just the 2-hour education session or join earlier to help with the service portion of the work.