*Does not meet regularly.*

Financial management and administrative duties are lumped together because they share significant overlap. For example, our financial lead must manage our budget through the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) which necessitates our staying in good standing as a student organization. In other cases, however, we may need to use funds from one of our grants. Maintenance of those grants involves providing updates about the status of our organization and programming. This cluster is a data & numbers heavy role. We're looking for folks who are organized and can cultivate strong, lasting relationships with staff and units on campus.

General Responsibilities: 

  • Manage STEM Routes budget through CSI: Work with CSI to keep track of our budget, request funding for events, and track spending. Part of this role may involve carrying a P-card, or a tax-exempt organization credit card, with the intent to make purchases. Keep track of receipts and budget future organizational spending.

  • Maintain STEM Routes in good standing with CSI and SACNAS: We need to update our organization's registration annually through CSI (at CU) and SACNAS (nationanlly). This involves sending updated rosters, attending required trainings on behalf of STEM Routes, managing role permissions, and interfacing with our liaisons in both units.

  • Data Collection & Analysis: Develop short surveys for our audience and participants to determine how we can improve. Other clusters will send out these surveys for their events then share the data with the Finance & Admin cluster for analysis and conclusions. In some cases, the data you analyze will be used for grant applications or grant updates and even for our website. We need you to transform our raw data into engaging figures with interesting conclusions.

  • Grant Applications: STEM Routes applies for a wide range of grants, both internal to CU and external through organizations such as Packad or the NIH. You'll work closely with our faculty and staff advisors to draft and submit grant proposals to keep our programs funded and secure long-term funding for STEM Routes operations as a whole.

UpLift Responsibilities:

  • Managing UpLift finances is similar to the management of STEM Routes' general funds, but we need to work closely with campus finance managers to ensure our UpLift participants (students and lab mentors) receive their stipends in a timely manner. Many labs and departments across campus also donate their funds to our programs, you'll need to manage the various speedtypes from these units and ensure funds are transferred to our programs.

  • UpLift secures contracts from students and labs throughout the program to ensure deliverables are fulfulled, stundet-lab agreements are honored, and funding contributions are completed. This role involves building and sharing our DocuSign contracts and following up with anyone who does not meet these expectations. 

  • UpLift involves its own data analysis for current and past students. We are looking for information on how the UpLift program helped its alumni secure future STEM appointments, self-reported metrics on identity and research confidence, and an analysis of our application pool. We use these data to apply for more funding for UpLift, report our progress to grant agencies, and advertise our program on campus.