Local public agencies, including city or county government offices, public schools, community-owned hospitals, public libraries, and community centers may be considered for an off-campus work-study contract.

  • In addition, the agency must guarantee that the work for which the students will be used:
    • will be in the public interest and will be performed for national or community welfare, rather than for a particular interest or group;
    • will not result in the displacement of employed workers or impair existing contracts for services;
    • will not involve the construction, operation, or maintenance of any facility used as a place for religious worship.
  • If you are interested in contracting with Student Employment and hiring work-study student employees, please submit the Request for Off-Campus Work-Study Contract. To read more on our off-campus requirements for a contract, please see our Off-Campus Employer Work-study Factsheet.
  • Nonprofit organizations are also considered.

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