The life of our university occurs in a series of interrelated cycles.

With these cycles—and the corresponding needs of our primary audiences—in mind, we have joined with major units across campus to develop and implement an annual calendar that helps to align our communications with the naturally occurring needs of our campus constituents.

Our calendar is based on monthly themes tied to our academic semesters and key areas of emphasis that correspond with large campus initiatives.

Monthly Themes

Month Theme (brief description)
July Discover (outreach and engagement emphasis)
August Welcome (new student and employee emphasis)
September Belong (finding your place as a member of our campus)
October  Be well. Be prepared. (thriving at midsemester and planning for the next term)
November Finish strong (support and resources for a successful culmination of the semester)
December Celebrate (recognizing achievement, generosity and gratitude at the end of the semester)
January Welcome back (new members of our community, as well as returning students and employees)
February Belong (a new semester means new opportunities to engage and find community)
March  Be well. Be prepared. (continuing to thrive as spring break approaches; thinking ahead to summer and fall terms)
April Finish strong (support and resources for a successful culmination of the semester, including opportunities to participate in major spring events)
May Celebrate (commencement celebrations and gratitude to all for their contributions within our community and beyond)
June Explore (a range of opportunities on campus and beyond during the summer tern)

Areas of Emphasis

In addition to our content themes above, we share the following major areas of emphasis as a campus. Based on a core group of campuswide initiatives, the below serve as foundational elements of the CU Boulder experience and strongly reinforce our position, core messages and brand attributes.

  • Making Excellence Inclusive (led by the Office of Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship (led by the Research and Innovation Office)
  • Health and Wellness (led by the Divison of Student Affairs)
  • Outreach and Engagement (led by the Office for Outreach and Engagement)
  • Sustainability (led by Office of Infrastructure and Sustainability and RIO)

Note: Communicator toolkits for each area of emphasis—including visuals, a calendar of annual campus programs and guidelines for how to participate—are in various stages of development.

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