Graduate Student Service Positions: Academic Year 2022-2023

  • Strategic Action for Equity Committee (SAEC-previously known as Diversity):
    Maya Contreras and Grace Nakajima
  • Faculty Meeting Liaisons: 2 Reps
    Katie Mercer and Grace Nakajima
  • Faculty Mentor Award Committee: 2 Reps
    Sal Lapuma and Skye Niles
  • Graduate Committee: 2 Reps
    Danni Lopez Rogina (2nd year serving) and Blade Wagner
  • Graduate Student Organizers for Sociology Speaker Series: 2 Reps
    Austin Fitzgerald and Hannah Edwards
  • Open House Committee: 4 Reps
    Katherine Craig and Zoe Lefkowitz
  • Social Committee Reps: 2 Reps
    Katie Mercer and Hannah Edwards
  • Sociology Graduate Student Collective Liaison (SGSC): 2 Reps
    Brigid Mark and Blade Wagner
  • United Government of Graduate Students (UGGS): 2 Reps
    Asa Iacobucci
  • Undergrad Committee: 2 Reps
    Theresa Edwards Capen
  • Ketchum Student Space Committee:
    Katherine Craig and Luke Novack

A Brief Description of Responsibilities

Diversity Committee Representative (2 positions) – Work with the Diversity Committee representatives to address issues of diversity within the department. 

Faculty Meeting Liaison (formerly GSA Co-chair) (2 positions) – Attend Faculty meetings. Act as a liaison between graduate students and faculty members to address departmental issues.

Faculty Mentor Award Committee (2 positions) – Collect nominations for the faculty mentor award and determine the recipient based on an established scoring system.

Graduate Committee Representative (2 positions) – Attend Graduate Committee meetings. Act as a liaison between graduate students and the graduate committee to address departmental issues.

Graduate Teacher Program Lead (1 position) – Serve as a liaison between the GTP and the home department, meeting with lead coordinators, negotiating and writing a plan that is acceptable to the GTP and to the department, presenting opportunities available in the Graduate Teacher Program to graduate students and faculty, consulting with TAs during office hours and in videotape consultations, developing and presenting at least one discipline-specific workshop, working on a cross-disciplinary team, and turning in a final report. Leads also do a teaching assistant support activity of their choice within the home department and may participate in new student orientation. Self-nominations in January or February to Graduate Committee.

Open House Committee (New in Fall 2012) (3-4 positions) – Take the lead in assisting the graduate chair and Graduate Committee with coordinating the annual open house for admitted students. The open house generally occurs in early March, and this service assignment is one that is concentrated in the January-March time period. 

Social Committee (1 position) – Organizes social functions to promote camaraderie and communication between graduate students and faculty.  

Sociology Graduate Student Collective Liaison (2 positions) – Respectful of the horizontal leadership model in SGSC, representatives act as formal liaisons between faculty, graduate students, staff and the SGSC. May relay requests, topics of discussion and general information to SGSC. Required to be active members of the SGSC and attend meetings, generally held once a month. No faculty are associated with this position.

United Government of Graduate Students (UGGS) Representative (2 positions) – Work with other graduate student representatives from across the campus to address graduate student issues. 

Undergraduate Committee Representative (1 position) – Work with the faculty on the Undergraduate Committee to address undergraduate student issues and curriculum development.