Liam Downey
Associate Professor

Office: KTCH 313

Office Hours: Monday 2:00pm-3:00pm or by appointment



Liam Downey (Ph.D., 2000, University of Arizona) is an Associate Professor of Sociology, Faculty Associate in the Institute of Behavioral Science, and Faculty Associate in the Environmental Studies Program. He has two primary areas of research. In a recently published book, Inequality, Democracy, and the Environment, he studies the role that elite-controlled organizations, institutions, and networks play in harming people, societies, and the environment, focusing in particular on elitecontrolled policy planning networks, armed violence organized by the state, commodity chain power, and international trade and finance institutions such as the World Bank and the World Trade Organization. In a new research project, he studies the role that violence, broadly defined, plays in producing social order, with a particular emphasis on gender and race violence, the violence of profit and consumption, and the violence of U.S. militarism.