2022 PhD

Bertha Bermudez-Tapia
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University

Jax Gonzalez
Initial Placement: Program Manager, OASOS, City of Boulder

Joshua Goode
Initial Placement: NICHD Postdoctoral Fellow, Population Studies Center, CU Boulder

Aubrey Limburg
Initial Placement: Survey Statistician, US Census Bureau

Marley Olson
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Walla Walla Community College

Micah Pyles
Initial Placement: Visiting Assistant Professor, Fort Lewis College

Michael Sousa
Initial Placement: Associate Professor, Sturm College of Law, University of Denver 

Kim-Phuong Truong-Vu
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Miami

Justin Vinneau Palarino
Initial Placement: Survey Statistician/Demographer, U.S. Census Bureau
Email: justin.vinneau@gmail.com 

2021 PhD

Kendra Clark 
Initial Placement: Research Assistant Professor at the Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence (ACE!) at George Mason University
Email: kendraclark07@gmail.com 

Simone Domingue
Initial Placement: Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Oklahoma in the Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability
Email:  sjdomingue@gmail.com

Andrea Tilstra
Initial Placement: Postdoctoral Researcher, Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science, University of Oxford
Email:  andreatilstra@gmail.com 

Hillary Steinberg
Initial Placement: Health Services Research and Policy Postdoctoral Fellow at the AJ Drexel Autism Institute at Drexel University
Email:  Hillarysteinberg511@gmail.com

2020 PhD

Juhee Woo
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Appalachian State University
Email: wooj@appstate.edu

Miriam Counterman
Research and Evaluation Specialist, The Cloudburst Group
Email: miriam.counterman@cloudburstgroup.com

2019 PhD

Aaron Johnson
Initial Placement: NTT, Metro State
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, CSU Pueblo
Email: ajohn184@msudenver.edu


Allison Scott Pruitt
Initial Placement: Research Manager, Contra Costa County, California, Employment and Human Services Department
Email: scott.pruitt@cloudburstgroup.com


Catherine Bowman
Initial Placement: Assistant Research Professor, Center for Global Workers’ Rights, School of Labor and Employment Relations, The Pennsylvania State University
Email: cgb5263@psu.edu


Elizabeth Bittel
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, SUNY-Cortland
Email: elizabeth.bittel@cortland.edu


Jennifer Pace
Initial Placement: Assistant professor of sociology, Midwestern State Univ
Email: jennifer.pace@msutexas.edu


Kendra Hutchens
Initial Placement: Project Manager//PI at an LLC, Research Fellow on Notre Dame project


2018 PhD

Amanda Barrientez
Initial Placement: Consultant and life coach, business owner
Email: DrBarrientez@NFACoaching.com 


Bethany Rigles
Initial Placement: Research and technical assistance associate, WICHE Behavioral Health
Current Position: Research Scientist, Colorado State


Cristen Dalessandro
Initial Placement: NTT, Pacific University
Current Placement: Postdoc, University of Utah
Email: cristen.dalessandro@hsc.utah.edu


Danielle Denardo
Initial Placement: Assistant professor of sociology, Soka University
Email: ddenardo@soka.edu


Emily Bacon
Initial Placement: Consultant/statistician, business owner


Jessie Luna
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Colorado State University
Email: jessie.luna@colostate.edu


Nicole Lambert
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Mass Bay Community College


Philip Pendergast
Initial Placement: Adminsitrator, Rocky Mountain Research Data Center, IBS CU Boulder
Email: philip.m.pendergast@census.gov


Robbee Wedow
Initial Placement: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Current Position: Lecturer, Sociology, Harvard
Email: rwedow@broadinstitute.org


Stephanie Bonnes
Initial Placement: Assistant professor of criminal justice, University of New Haven
Email: SBonnes@newhaven.edu


2016 PhD

Adelle Monteblanco
Initial Placement: Postdoc, University of Texas El Paso
Current Position: TT, Middle Tennessee State Univ
Email: Adelle.Monteblanco@mtsu.edu


Kathryn Nowotny
Initial Placement: TT, University of Miami
Email: kmn72@miami.edu


Nnenia Campbell
Initial Placement: Postdoc, Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado Boulder
Current Position: Research Associate, Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado Boulder
Email: nnenia.campbell@colorado.edu


2015 PhD

Barbara Grossman-Thompson
Initial Placement: Assistant professor, international studies, Cal State U-Long Beach
Email: Barbara.grossman-thompson@csulb.edu


Benjamin Lamb-Books


Colleen Hackett
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Colorado State Pueblo
Email: colleen.hackett@csupueblo.edu


Elizabeth Lawrence
Initial Placement: Postdoc, UNC-Chapel Hill, Carolina Population Center
Current Position: Assistant professor, UNLV
Email: elizabeth.lawrence@unlv.edu


Jenny Vermilya
Initial Placement: Assistant professor of sociology, U of North Georgia
Current Position: Senior instructor, CU-Denver
Email: jenny.vermilya@ucdenver.edu


Laurie Hawkins
Initial Placement: Postdoc in public health, Emory University
Current Position: Associate Professor, Sociology, University of Essex
Email: laurie.hawkins@essex.ac.uk


Naghme Morlock
Initial Placement: Assistant Prof Soc and Crim, Gonzaga University
Email: morlock@gonzaga.edu


Robert Kemp
Initial Placement: State of Washington Office of Financial Management, Forecasting and Research Division, Senior Analyst


Tracy Deyell
Initial Placement: Postdoc, Young Lives Qualitative Research Lab, PEI, Canada
Current Placement: Assistant head swim coach, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Email: tracydeyell@gmail.com


Tracy Kirkland


Wade Smith
Initial Placement: NTT, Sociology, Eastern Illinois University
Email: wpsmith@eiu.edu


2014 PhD 

Amanda Shigihara
Initial Placement: Assistant professor, SUNY Old Westbury
Current Position: Assistant professor, Cal State U-Sacramento
Email: shigihara@csus.edu


Nitika Sharma


Kari Alexander
Initial Placement: Instructor to senior instructor, CU-Denver
Email: Kari.Alexander@UCDENVER.EDU


Mary Robertson
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, California State University San Marcos
Email: mrobertson@csusm.edu


Wee Kiat Lim
Initial Placement: Researcher, NTU
Current Position: Research fellow, Business School, Nanyang Technical University


2013 PhD 

Casey Blalock
Initial Placement: Senior analyst, Westat
Current Placement: Mathematical statistician, US Census Bureau


Brandy Gilbert
Initial Placement: Researcher, The Urban Institute


Christie Sennott Winchester
Initial Placement: Postdoc, UConn
Current Position: Assistant to associate professor of sociology, Purdue
Email: csennott@purdue.edu


Devon Thacker
Initial Placement: Assistant to associate professor, California State U-Fullerton
Email: dethomas@fullerton.edu


Jamie Vickery
Initial Placement: Postdoc, IBS, University of Colorado Boulder
Current Position: Research Associate, Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado Boulder
Email: jamie.vickery@colorado.edu


Jennifer Roark
Initial Placement: Asst prof, Social Work, Utah State
Email: jennifer.roark@usu.edu


Jesse Smith
Initial Placement: Assistant to associate professor, Western Michigan University


Kristina Khal
Initial Placement: Faculty, Front Range Community College
Email: Kristina.Kahl@frontrange.edu


Michelle Newhart
Initial Placement: Cengage
Current Position: Instructional designer, Mt. San Antonio College
Email: mnewhart@mtsac.edu


Patrick O’Brien
Initial Placement: Assistant professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Current Position: Assistant professor of sociology, Santa Barbara City College
Email: pkobrien@pipeline.sbcc.edu


2012 PhD

Bethany Everette
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor of Sociology University of Illinois at Chicago
Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Utah
Email: Bethany.Everett@Soc.Utah.Edu


John Reid-Hresko
Initial Placement: Social Sciences tutor, Quest University
Current Position: Professor, Quest University
Email: john.reid-hresko@questu.ca


Kristofer Hoyt


2011 PhD 

Colter Ellis
Initial Placement: Postdoc, Sam Houston State University
Current Position: Assistant to associate professor of sociology, Montana State University
Email: colter.ellis@montana.edu


Erica Kuligowski
Initial Placement: Researcher, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Email: erica.kuligowski@nist.gov


Marc Eaton


2010 PhD 

Alison Hatch
Initial Placement: Assistant to Associate Professor, Georgia Southern University
Current Position: Honors Program Instructor, University of Colorado
Email: alison.hatch@colorado.edu


Allison Hicks


Christine Bevc
Initial Placement: Researcher, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Email: bevc@email.unc.edu


Courtney McDonald


Dawn Stanley
Initial Placement: Independent Scholar


Duke Austin
Initial Placement: Postdoctoral Associate, Urban Ethnography Project, Yale University
Current Position: Assistant/Associate Professor Department of Sociology, California State University, East Bay
Email: duke.austin@csueastbay.edu


Elaine McFarland


Eric Bonds
Initial Placement: Assistant to Associate Professor, University of Mary Washington
Email: ebonds@umw.edu


Jeff Dennis
Initial Placement: Assistant professor, University of Texas-Permian Basin
Current Position: Assistant Professor and the Director of the Applied Practice Experience in the Department of Public Health at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center
Email: jeff.dennis@ttuhsc.edu


Justin Denney
Initial Placement: Assistant to Associate Professor, Rice University
Current Position: Full Professor, Washington State University
Email: justin.denney@wsu.edu


Katherine Martinez


Leith Lombas
Initial Placement: Evaluator, JBS International


Peter Lovegrove
Initial Placement: Postdoc, UVA
Current Position: Evaluator, JBS International


2009 PhD

Susie Strife
Initial Placement: Leads Boulder County’s Office of Sustainability, Climate Action & Resilience
Email: sstrife@bouldercounty.org


2008 PhD

Hannah Brenkert-Smith
Initial Placement: Assistant Research Professor, Institute of Behavioral Science, CU Boulder
Email: hannahb@colorado.edu


2005 PhD

Lori Peek
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Colorado State University 
Current Position: Professor, Department of Sociology and Director, Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado Boulder
Email: lori.peek@colorado.edu  


2003 MA

Laura Matthews
Initial Placement: Planning and Advocacy Specialist, Boulder County Area Agency on Aging


No grad year

Elizabeth Morningstar
Initial Placement: Academic advisor, CU-Boulder


Elizabeth Whalley
Initial Placement: TT, Framingham State
Email: ewhalley@framingham.edu


James Do
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, United States Airforce Academy (Colorado Springs)


John Tribbia
Initial Placement: Senior Director of Business Analytics, Infor


Kelly Knight
Initial Placement: Assistant professor, Sam Houston State University
Current Position: Assistant to associate professor of sociology, Montana State University
Email: kelly.knight3@montana.edu


Laura Patterson
Initial Placement: Evaluator, Primetime Research & Evaluation
Current Position: Evaluator, JBS International, Instructor -- CU Boulder Sociology
Email: laura.patterson@colorado.edu


Marshall Smith


Pavla Harris
Initial Placement: Adjunct at various schools
Current Position: Education Coordinator, Lafayette Adult Resource Academy (IN)


Raphael Nawrotzki
Initial Placement: Evaluator, German Institute for Development Evaluation
Email: raphael.nawrotzki@DEval.org


Sarah Lake
Initial Placement: Senior Advisor, Global Canopy (nonprofit)


Zachary Owens
Initial Placement: Instructor, Honors Program, University of Colorado-Boulder


Zek Valkyrie
Initial Placement: Instructor to Senior instructor, UCCS Sociology
Email: zvalkyri@uccs.edu