CU's Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) certificate program is a one-semester graduate certificate program that includes online SLPA coursework and an in-person school-based internship with a speech-language pathologist (SLP) mentor. 

SLPAs work with individuals with communication challenges under the supervision of a certified SLP. SLPAs collaborate with SLPs to provide therapy services, prepare for sessions, work with clients, families, or staff, perform administrative tasks, and engage in prevention activities. SLPAs are nationally certified by ASHA. They serve a growing, diverse client base and an expanding scope of practice in SLP. 

Program Inquiries

Please contact the SLPA program advisor at

Program Cost

The SLPA program (7 graduate credits offered through CU Continuing Education) tuition is $3360 ($480 per credit) for both in-state and out-of-state students. Tuition rates are subject to increase. Financial aid is only available if you are enrolled as a full-time degree-seeking student. Part-time non-degree-seeking students do not qualify for financial aid.

Certification Requirements

CU’s SLPA program meets and exceeds certification requirements of the Colorado Department of Education and ASHA. SLPA certification requirements and work opportunities vary by state with some states not permitting the use of SLPAs. CU’s SLPA program may not meet requirements outside of the state of Colorado. If you are outside of the state of Colorado, check with ASHA and State Departments of Education and Health to determine certification requirements and employment opportunities for SLPAs in your state prior to enrolling in the program. Further information can be found on CU Boulder's licensure page

Requirements CU SLPA Program Colorado Dept of Ed ASHA
Undergraduate Bachelor's in SLPA OR Bachelor's (in any major) + 24 SLHS credits Bachelor's in SLPA OR Bachelor's (in any major) + 24 SLHS credits Bachelor's OR Associate's + 18-24 SLHS credits
SLPA Coursework SLHS 5032: SLPA Methods   AHSA Modules in SLPA roles & responsibilites
Clinical Fieldwork SLHS 5930: SLPA Internship (180 hours) 100 hours minimum 100 hours minimum
Observations 25 hours   20 indirect hours
Assesments 3.0 or higher in SLPA Courses Approved SLPA program certificate of completion Passing of ASHA Assistant Exam

Required Prerequisites Courses

SLPA certification requires 24 credits of undergraduate coursework in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences (SLHS). CU's SLPA program does not include the 24 credits of undergraduate coursework. If you have not taken the required undergraduate courses (listed below), see ASHA’s EdFind or CU's Speech-Language Pathology Prerequisites (SLPP) program for program/course options. 

Course Name/Content CU Course Credits
Phonetics/Language Sound Structures   SLHS 3006 or  LING 3100 3
Anatomy, Physiology, and Science of Speech SLHS 4560 3
Language Development SLHS 4560 3
Speech Disorders Across the Lifespan SLHS 4512 3
Language Disorders Across the Lifespan SLHS 4502 3
Hearing Sciences SLHS 3106 3
Audiological Evaluation SLHS 4704 3
Audiological Rehabilitation SLHS 4714 3
25 hours of guided observation SLHS 4918 -

Non-CU students must complete all undergraduate prerequisites prior to starting the SLPA Certificate program. CU seniors may take one remaining prerequisite course concurrent with SLPA program enrollment during their last semester prior to graduation. Students must receive grades of B- or above (with no more than one C) in SLHS undergraduate courses to meet SLPA certification requirements. Students must complete 25 guided observation hours with an ASHA-certified SLP before starting the SLPA program. 

Undergraduate curriculum and course names vary across institutions. If you have questions about whether your coursework meets the requirements, please email your questions and/or unofficial transcript(s) to