Students will register for two courses to be taken in the semester for which they have been admitted. These courses are as follows:

SLHS 5032: Competencies & Strategies for the SLPA (3 credits) Fall/Spring Semester.  Includes Roles and Responsibilities of the SLPA, Working in the Public Schools, Service Delivery Models, Health and Safety, Screening, Assistive Technology, Introduction to Intervention, Documentation, Self Reflection and Evaluation. (Tuition: $1440)

SLHS 5930: SLPA Internship (4) Fall/Spring Semester.  Placement for 12-15 hours per week for a total of 180 hours including a minimum of 100 hours of direct contact (face to face interaction with students) in a public school setting under the 50% supervision of an MA-CCC SLP. (Tuition: $1920)

Note: Registration for these courses can only be completed through Continuing Education after receiving an official acceptance letter from the program and receipt of the intent to enroll form sent to slpa@colorado.eduTuition is currently $480 per credit hour or $3360.00 for the semester program.  Tuition rates are subject to change.