Observations at the Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic (SLHC) at CU Boulder

The American Speech Hearing Association (ASHA) requires 25 observation hours to be completed by undergraduates seeking post-baccalaureate opportunities in the field of speech language pathology.  Guided observation hours allow students to witness the interaction between the professional and the patient and ask questions from the clinical supervisor (ASHA certified). To document these observation hours, the clinical supervisor will sign off on the Clinical Observation form for each observation attended.  HOWEVER, it is the student’s responsibility to maintain all of their observation hour forms for their own records.  SLHC does NOT keep copies of student’s observation forms!

SLHC only allows enrolled CU students from any campus, CU alumni and applicants to the SLHS program to participate in our two types of observation opportunities.

1.  Group Observations of (asynchronous) Video Sessions

Students are given access to the Canvas Observation Course where they can sign up to observe recorded video sessions on their own time. The guided supervision is then done in a group at a separately scheduled time. The group meets with the clinical supervisor to ask questions and discuss the observation which provides further learning and understanding.

2.  Individual (synchronous) Session Observations

Students are given access to the Canvas Observation Course where they can sign up to observe an individual session as it is occurring (either live in the clinic or via Zoom). The guided supervision is done after the session, when you and the clinical supervisor can connect 1:1 to discuss the observation and address any questions.

Prior to observing in the clinic, please complete the Observation Inquiry Form. We will review this request and if approved, we will provide you access to the Canvas Observation Course. All students enrolled in the SLHS 4918 course will automatically be enrolled in the Canvas Observation Course and do not need to complete this form. Read and follow all rules and etiquette for observers and sign the confidentiality release form accessed through the Canvas Observation Course. After completing the confidentiality release form in Canvas, you will automatically be given access to sign up for observation sessions.