K-12 School Field Trips

Join us for a field trip at the Observatory! 

SBO ultraviolet room.

The SBO ultraviolet room. Fun for everybody!

While we primarily provide observational experiences and hands-on training for CU students, we are passionate about inspiring K-12 students through STEM educational experiences. 

Our daytime field trips and tours last 45-60 minutes. During the tour we demonstrate our 24-inch Boiler & Chivens and two 20-inch Planewave telescopes, as well as our solar telescopes. In addition, we have a heliostat and many other exhibits. We can also provide hands-on astronomy activities and labs.  

SBO spectrum viewing display.

Learn about spectrum with our special visual display exhibit.

Field trips can be scheduled throughout the year. To make your field trip even more impactful, consider visiting Fiske Planetarium afterwards, see their K-12 Education page for more info.

We can also offer nighttime field trips depending on our availability and CU schedule (please note: CU classes using the observatory for research receive priority). 

If you're interested in scheduling a field trip, please complete our request form


Specialized Tours for Private Groups or Organizations

Looking for something unique and inspirational to do? Host a birthday party, retirement celebration, or corporate event at the Observatory!

Night sky image from NASA

Touring the beautiful night sky.

Spend an evening learning about astronomical topics and taking a guided tour of the skies with our experienced staff. Contact us in advance as our availability is limited when CU classes are in session. 

If you're interested in scheduling a special event or private tour, please contact Carla Johns, Outreach and Tour Coordinator or complete the request form