SBO Floorpan

The floor plan includes the lower laboratory level, the main entrance level of the observatory, the observing deck area, and the observatory dome. The specific classroom locations, laboratories, and domes are listed below:

  • Astronomy Laboratory S175 (heliostat and main instructional lab)
  • Scorpius Computer Laboratory S125
  • Observing Deck with the 20-inch PlaneWave telescopes (former location of the 18 and 16 inch telescopes)
  • Dome (24-inch telescope)
  • Darkrooms (now used primarily for instructional demonstrations)
  • Resource Room N175 (office amenities and supplies)
  • Student Lounge N170 (including Reading Room materials (atlases, catalogs, maps, magazines, and reference material)
  • Offices for SBO
  • Support (machine shop, electronics shop, lab, and general storage)
  • Physical Plant (elevator, electrical, H/AC, and janitorial)
  • Restrooms