What We Are

Funding Board is a board of students responsible for allocating funds to student organizations and resident advisors (RAs) for programs and events which benefit residence hall students. RAs, Hall Councils and Center for Student Involvement (CSI)-affiliated student organizations are eligible for funding. The funding board focuses on programmatic themes that include but are not limited to: community development, social events, educational initiatives, diversity/social justice/inclusion, sustainability and residence hall improvements. Please give yourself and your organization enough time to submit a funding form, while also adhering to our advertising approval policy below. Please note, the maximum amount that the funding board committee can grant for a single program or request is $750.00 and an organization cannot exceed $1,500 per academic year.

Please fill out the form below and submit it by Sunday at 5:00pm Then come present your request at one of our meetings on Tuesdays at 7:00pm. The location will be emailed to you following your request.


Please come prepared to give a five minute presentation on how the funds will be used. We recommend having an itemized list of the expenses of the program. In addition, please bring an example of the advertisement you plan to use.

New Funding Board Policy

Any programs funding board provides funds to must put designated Residence Hall Association (RHA) logo and/or "Sponsored by Residence Hall Association (RHA)" on advertisements. All advertisements going into the residence halls must be approved in the RHA office (Willard 145) before being hung up. Please allow up to two weeks to get posters approved.

Below is the logo that can be used if you are making your advertisements on a computer.

Post Program Funding Board Evaluation Form 

ALL programs funded by RHA Funding Board must submit the Post Program Funding Board Evaluation Form within one week of program completion. Receipts must also be submitted to the RHA director of business administration. Failure to submit evaluation and/or receipts can result in funding being revoked and/or your organization being placed in bad status for the duration of the academic year.

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