The Institute Mission

  • To develop foundational theories and AI technologies for creating next-generation collaborative learning environments composed of diverse student-AI teams.
  • To grow the diverse workforce of the future by engaging 5,000 middle and high school students in innovative AI education through AI-enabled pedagogies.
  • To serve as a national nexus point for empowering diverse collaborators to envision, co-create, critique and apply student-AI teaming in their communities.

How We Will Accomplish This

  • We will integrate 29 researchers from 14 research areas to engage in foundational research in curriculum development, design and rapid prototyping, data curation and annotation, algorithm development, experimentation and evaluation and community resource development.
  • We will integrate AI-education in science and technology courses to provide measurable learning outcomes.
  • We will provide unprecedented interdisciplinary training of students and early-career scholars.
  • We will engage a large and diverse community during all phases of the research.