We work to elevate artificial intelligence (AI) from an intelligent tool to a social, collaborative partner in the classroom. Our AI-partners will be teacher assistants that augment teachers to do what they do best: inspire students.

We are motivated by a foundational—and challenging—question:  How can we promote collaborative and deep conceptual learning for students from all walks of life? We believe rising to this challenge will provide equitable learning experiences that will transform classrooms everywhere.

Learn about our mission and how we will make our vision a reality for students, teachers and the community

How We Do It

Over the course of our 5-year project our researchers will address three main challenges, which we call “Strands.”

  • Strand 1: We will work to develop new advancements in how machines process human language, gestures and emotions.
  • Strand 2: Our team will strive to better understand how students, AI, and teachers can collaborate effectively in both classrooms and remote learning contexts.
  • Strand 3: We will go to classrooms in Denver Public Schools and other school partners—virtually, during the age of COVID-19—to work hand-in-hand with students and teachers to think up new technologies.