Building an Emotionally Responsive Avatar with Dynamic Facial Expressions in Human-Computer Interactions

Building an emotionally responsive avatar with dynamic facial expressions in human-computer interactions Authors: Wang, H., Gaddy, V., Beveridge, R., Ortega, F. Publication date: 03-20-2021 Type: Article Journal: Multimodal Technologies and Interaction

A Pose Proposal and Refinement Network for Better 6D Object Pose Estimation

A pose proposal and refinement network for better 6D object pose estimation Authors: Trabelsi, A., Chaabane, M., Blanchard, N., Beveridge, R. Publication date: 01-2021 Type: Conference Proceeding

Say What? Automatic Modeling of Collaborative Problem Solving Skills from Student Speech in the Wild

Say what? Automatic modeling of collaborative problem solving skills from student speech in the wild Authors: Pugh, S., Subburaj, S.K., Rao, A.R., Steward, A., Andrews-Todd, J., D'Mello, S.K., Publication Date: 06-29-2021 Type: Conference Proceeding

Compositional embedding models for speaker identification and diarization with simultaneous speech from 2+ speakers

Compositional embedding models for speaker identification and diarization with simultaneous speech 2+ speakers Authors: Li, D. and Whitehill, J. Publication Date: 06-06-2021 Type: Conference Proceeding: 2021 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)

Embodied Multimodal Agents to Bridge the Understanding Gap

Embodied multimodal agents to bridge the understanding gap Authors: Krishnaswamy, N., and Alalyani, N. Publication Date: 04-20-2021 Type: Conference Proceeding: Workshop on Bridging Human-Computer Interaction and Natural Language Processing (HCI+NLP)

Child-Robot Interaction to Integrate Reflective Storytelling into Creative Play

Child-robot interaction to integrate reflective storytelling into creative play Authors: Hubbard, L., Chen, Y., Colunga, E., Kim, P., Yeh, T. Publication date: 06-2021 Type: Conference Proceeding

Voice Design to Support Young Children's Agency in Child-Agent Interaction

Voice design to support young children's agency in child-agent interaction Authors: Hubbard, L., Ding, S., Le, Vi., Kim, P., Yeh, T. Publication date: 07-2021 Type: Conference Proceeding

Integrating Psychometrics and Computing Perspectives on Bias and Fairness in Affective Computing: A Case Study of Automated Video Interviews.

Integrating psychometrics and computing perspectives on bias and fairness in affective computing Authors: Booth, B., Hickman, L., Subburaj, S. K., Tay, L., Woo, S., & D’Mello, S. K. Publication date: 2021 Type: Journal Article: IEEE Signal Processing Magazine

The Data Sensor Hub (DaSH): a Physical Computing System to Support Middle School Inquiry Science Instruction.

The Data Sensor Hub (DaSH): a physical computing system to support middle school inquiry science instruction Authors: Gendreau Chakarov A, Biddy Q, Hennessy Elliott C, Recker M. Publication date: 2021 Type: Journal Article: Sensors

What Would a Teacher Do? Predicting Future Talk Moves

What would a teacher do? Predicting future talk moves Authors: Ganesh, A., Kann, K., and Palmer, M. Publication date: 2021 Type: Conference Proceeding